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  •   My first visit I give them 5 stars but after my second visit, I left disappointed in the service. They charged me for a "new" headset jack and when I picked up the phone it was a filthy old jack from another phone. I paid $39.99 plus tax for a used old jack. I wouldn't have cared if they would of told me that it was used before. They then said an old used jack was "accidentally" put on. Really? They offered to fix it which required me to wait around longer which I couldn't wait so they offered me to come back within 30 Days to put a brand new jack on. You should of put on a New part from the beginning!

    thumb Monica L.
  •   Great service.  Been there for laptop and iPhone repair.  Always quick great service and will go back if needed.

    thumb Gary H.
  •   On the day we started our vacation my wife's iPhone 6 battery failed.  The team at PC 911 and cell phone repair was able to quickly replace the battery in my wife's iPhone 6 at a competitive price so she was able to use the phone to take pictures on our cruise.  They also installed a tempered glass protector on the phone.  They offer many tech products and accessories that are not easily found at your typical computer store.  Great work and a great value.  Give them a call, I promise you won't be disappointed.  Five stars.

    thumb Maverick J.
  •   I love this place! My father found it & told me he fixed his laptop there. So I took my cracked iPhone 6s Plus over & they had it fixed the same day. Not bad. Every time it broke I took it back and they still fixed it for me! Just dropped off my MacBook Pro so it's safe to say I'll be using them for everything!

    thumb Sally V.
  •   My desktop computer died.  I called them on Wednesday about 4 pm, asked how long they typically took to fix a computer, and was told a few days.  I rushed to their shop, dropped off my computer, and it was fixed the next day.  I'm very pleased, thank you for the great service!

    thumb Mike P.
  •   Tried this place because of the reviews and I needed help with a laptop.  I took it on a Wednesday and told me they will give me an answer and an estimate once they troubleshoot the problem with the touchpad. I had to call them on Friday and they had no definite answer on what was going on.  On Monday, they finally called and told me that they needed to change the complete touchpad but no new parts were available and had to order a used part that will take a week to arrive.  After almost 2 weeks, I had to pick the laptop because I needed it urgently for work.  The part ordered did not fix the problem, the person that gave me my laptop had obviously no idea what was going on and there was no tech available to explain to me exactly and clearly what was wrong with it.  Paid $39.99 to pick up the laptop exactly how I dropped it off.

    thumb Mireya R.
  •   While I was at work, my iPhone 6 fell and the entire screen shattered into pieces. Being that my phone is my life line, I needed to find a place to fix it real quick. After searching on my Yelp app and calling different places, I came upon PC 911. They had the best price with the quickest service time.

    I drove in around 1:05. The guys were attentive and took the time to answer all my questions. They guaranteed it would only take 45 minutes, and that it did. I had my phone fixed and ready in less than an hour for $99.

    Hopefully I will not have to use them again, but if my phone cracks again I will definitely return.

    thumb Charity Z.
  •   The guys at PC 911 delivered once again. This time repairing my desktop which was giving me problems, plus adjusting my LCD monitor as well. Angel, Lester, and the whole gang did a wonderful job in repairing my computer, I'm repeat customer for life.

    thumb Jonny T.
  •   I have brought a computer and a memory card here and both times they were quickly able to fix my issues at a reasonable price. My old Mac would not even turn on and I am not sure what they did but it has now been up and running for months without any issues. I recently was transferring priceless photos from my memory card to my laptop and suddenly they disappeared. A years worth of family photos gone. I freaked out and purchased 2 different recovery programs which were not able to recover the files. I tried working with another local repair shop remotely and the guy wasted so much of my time and could not find the files either.  I brought it to PC 911 and within 2 days they called me and recovered everything! I am so grateful to them for recovering these photos. I would not hesitate to take any of my electronics to them for repair. Thank you PC 911!

    thumb Nicole H.
  •   This is what a business should be.  I have brought them a cell phone that was run over by multiple cars in a parking lot - They Fixed It.  Told them I wanted to buy a used laptop.  Let them know what was important to me and what not to worry about(such as cosmetic issues).  They gave me exactly what I needed at a price that stayed in my budget.  Zero problems and I am typing this review on it.  Have also had them work on a PC and was happy - went above and beyond.  Only had to bring back a repair once and they quickly made it right.  Just plain satisfied!

    thumb Brian B.